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Many individuals suffer “corporate injuries” on a daily and yearly basis due to repeated micro-trauma inflicted on the body during our working day due to repetitive movements and sustained postures at work, for example:

  • Have any of your staff suffered from neck or back pain whilst sitting at their desk?
  • Do any of your staff experience wrist or elbow pain when using a computer or machinery?
  • Do any of your staff experience pain or ache in their legs after standing at work all day?
  • Are your staff having several days off per year with musculoskeletal problems such as low back pain?
  • Is increased sickness absence affecting your company’s productivity?

Then we can help!

Our team at Birmingham Physiotherapy are ideally situated to help, having worked with some the largest corporate businesses in Birmingham and the United Kingdom, our team of highly skilled Physiotherapists, Medical Practitioners and Personal Trainers have an in-depth understanding of the damage repetitive movements and sustained postures can cause to the body.

In addition we can undertake independent Work Place Assessments to help you consider whether any improvements to the individual’s work place could be made to help prevent these problems.

We utilise our clinical understanding to guide our assessments to provide an accurate diagnosis of an injury. We will also be able to provide guidance for individuals and employers on any necessary amendments to the individuals’ normal work duties/roles (where appropriate) and time-scales for return to normal duties. This may enable some individuals to return to work more promptly and with the company in a more informed position to support this, but with certain advice and guidance to prevent further exacerbation of the injury/illness.

Effects on the UK Economy

The cost to the UK Economy, annually due to illness and workplace injury was £14.3bn in 2013/4, with over 600,000 injured at work and a further 500,000 new cases of workers taking time off sick where they believe work aggravates their conditions.

Treatment and Services